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Breakthrough is a highly charged action piece exploring the issues of bullying. It is particularly effective for students making the transition from primary school to secondary school. Kelly is a prime target for the school bullies, who have now teamed up with her old friends to tease and pick on her. Why do they think she is not cool to hang around with anymore? How will she make the breakthrough? Find out in this show with a fusion of styles including song, dance, mime, ritual and storytelling.

Written by Andy Hickson and Glenn Dallas this play comes highly recommended to help tackle bullying in schools, particularly in regard to peer pressure and learning to be assertive. We do not provide the answers but show possible paths that could be taken.

Show me, show me how, how to break away from these bonds I feel inside, show me show me, my life full of dread, continual torture inside of my head.

What have people said about Breakthrough:

"This play was wicked" - Michael, Aiden and Yuksel, Welbourne School.
"Magnificent, marvelous and stupendous." - William, Downhills School.
"Very very very very very good" - Kevin, St Aidens school.
"Impressively radical" - Helen, teacher St Aidens
"What a talented group you are." - Pat Hart, Inner London Probation Service
"I loved the songs and the dancing" - Cassie and Florence, The Green School
"This show has helped me deal with the bullies" - Daniel, student at Our Lady of Muswell

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