For LEA's. We have developed an anti-bullying strategy programmes that can not only help raise awareness of bullying and reduce it. It can also help foster and engender a positive, friendly and creative atmosphere within the school environment. These programmes can be run with individual schools or in conjunction with LEA's. Find out more here. To book our Anti Bullying Roadshow please see here.

For free and exciting anti bullying and anti bullying week information and resources please see here

See an anti-bullying film made by young people free now: here

A new 45 minute film tackling issues of bullying.

Specially designed to be used in the classroom to help discussions and initiatives dealing with bullying. Copies are priced at 12.50 each plus postage and packing. To order please contact us. Or visit here for more details.

Training workshops in Theatre In Education?

You can apply to one of our specially designed short workshops now. Workshops are run throughout the year in London, Bristol and Cardiff. For more information you should e-mail

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