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We are currently building up the fun side to Tie Tours web. This section will have games, teasers, competitions, pictures, jokes and much more. To make a contribution to Tie Tours fun then please contact us:

In the mean time we hope you like the following sites for a bit of fun and online gaming:

Do you like POKEMON? Here you can join the Pokemon League, you can trade cards, and you can of course play great games of Pokemon here. Visit the site or call Chris on (London UK) 020 7272 2012. Take a look here for more details







Planetarion is an online game where you are the leader of your own planet in a galaxy of up to 25 other people. There are 100's of other galaxies that you can do battle with 'live' with 1000's of other players around the world.

You can sign up to play Planetarion at the PA Web Site



Flea Circus and other games at the Gamesdomain

Play classic online games including chess and backgammon at the Gamescenter.

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