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The Big Sham

One way to get refused funding is to be too good!

Early in the Companies history we once got declined funding from the the Arts Council.

We followed up the refusal letter, asking for the reasons behind why we had been declined. It took five letters and several phone calls, only to get a bland, sterile non descript answer that 'we did not fully fir the criteria'. Whoops! We probed some more because already on this application we had had a seven hour interview with the Council regarding our application. During the interview they commented that our 'Equal Opportunity Policy and Practice', was a model of good working practice and a pleasure to see. We were somewhat taken aback when we eventually got a more detailed answer. It read: - You were declined funding on this occassion because .... your equal opportunity policy is not sufficent for this fund.' Heh! well you have to laugh.

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