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Artistic Policy - Constitution - Equal Opportunity Statement

TIE Tours Artistic Policy Statement

We prioritise the provision of high quality theatre and workshops to audiences who may have limited access to the performing arts.

A primary objective is to present new work to new audiences, whilst operating a policy of provision targeted at young people and those groups who may be structurally disadvantaged to experience the performing arts.

We offer a wide range of training courses and workshops to individuals and organisations.

The Companies members work in partnership together with an emphasis on teamwork.

Tie Tours endeavours to instil in its members that for an audience to enjoy a show or a workshop the workers must first enjoy it themselves. Within this maxim, Tie Tours workers need to know that:

TIE TOURS Constitution 2002

Tie Tours was established in December 1995 and is a member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) and the Young Peoples Theatre Association (APT and ASSITEJ).

Tie Tours makes a habit of performing to anyone regardless of background, demeanour, situation or circumstance. We will perform in any suitable conventional or unconventional venue provided.

Our workers must earn the respect of our audiences and clients, while in return giving respect.

All employees and contractors of the Company are expected to be positive and professional at all times and must enter into the spirit of the companies constitution, equal opportunity policy, artistic policy and to present the company in these terms to clients and the general public.

Actors and Facilitators who run Tie Tours workshops need to prepare themselves adequately in terms of researching the subject matter being explored, and their general presentation skills.

Tie Tours is a touring theatre company, and in addition to national and international touring, places great importance on its locally based work in London.

Tie Tours has aims and has a commitment to:

Equal Opportunity Policy Statement

Tie Tours understands that all people, our workers included, have different points of view, some of these points of view cannot be changed even if the Company does not agree with them. Therefore the policy of Tie Tours is to have an equal opportunity framework that all our workers must work from.

Tie Tours work is based on respect. Within this the Company aims to break down barriers and restrictive attitudes in people and societies that are disrespectful.

Tie Tours is an equal opportunity employer and has a policy of employing people in terms of their skills and their merits, regardless of culture, class, gender, colour, creed, race, sexual orientation, age and disability.

Tie Tours has a commitment to cross-cultural exchange and communication.

Due to the nature of our issue based work all Tie Tours workers should have time to explore their own attitudes towards the subject matter concerned in an open and honest way, and in a safe non-judgmental environment.

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