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Resource Material

Tie Tours provides resource material with all its workshops. These are constantly being updated and revised. All participants' materials are provided at no extra cost unless explicitly stated. A general resource pack with over 40 pages is available to buy. It is designed for teachers and group leaders and has chapters on:

To get a copy of this resource pack please send your name and address and a cheque for 25 pounds (Sterling) or $40 (US) (payable to 'Actionwork') and send to:

Actionwork TIE Tours
PO Box 433
North Somerset
BS24 0WY England UK

Schools, youth clubs and community groups can book the award winning Anti Bullying Roadshow for a fun, energised and amazing way to tackle bullying.

Free anti-bullying ideas can be found atThe Anti Bullying Week site

Anti Bullying Resources can be found here

Alternatively contact us electronically.

For more in depth group work or follow-up work we recommend the following books:

Creative Action Methods in Groupwork
Written by Andy Hickson
Published by Winslow Press, Bicester UK 1995

The Groupwork Manual
Written by Andy Hickson
Published by Winslow Press, Bicester UK 1997

Many more groupwork titles are available at the Winslow Press Web Site.

Games For Actors And Non-Actors
Written by Augusto Boal
Published by Routledge, London UK 1992

Art Therapy and Dramatherapy (Masks of the Soul)
Written by Sue Jennings and Ase Minde
Published by Jessica Kingsley, London UK 1995

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