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Silent Scream Two

A one-person play, with live percussion, exploring the horrors of bullying and victimisation. Teri gets it from all sides. How can she stop the beatings from the school bully? Why does Teri get picked on? Follow her jouney through reality and fantasy searching for a stop to the terror. With a mixture of rap and soul songs, martial arts, dance, drumming, mime and story-telling we are confronted with some of her pain and anguish.

Written by Andy Hickson, this play does not preach or condescend, it is hard hitting, realistic and tells it as it is.

Well, looka' here, we've bumped into Teri, the four-eyed twat who thinks she can sing. Why arn't you in school Teri? Has your daddy made you walk all by yourself? Are you in trouble again Teri? What will your teacher say Teri , ay, ay ?

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