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We do reccommend Funding TIE

Funding for Theatre In Education can be very difficult to get. Small companies face stiff competition for funding from the large Theatre Companies, who have set up 'education' wings. Tie Tours has been lucky in that it has succeeded in gaining funding from a wide variety of organisations from around the world. This has included Foundation grants, Government Department support, Local Authority and Education Department funding. Tie Tours has also received awards from the Corporate world, and from Arts Boards.

Funding still remains an issue for many arts groups and organisations. Despite many strong grant applications to the A4E Lottery grants and Arts Council grants, many groups get sidelined from these funding bodies. Click here to read a funny funding story.

This is a problem that many theatre in education companies face. It appears that the majority of grants are given to the large or medium-large arts groups. Why is it difficult for smaller companies or groups to get funding? The answers to this are many. One of the contributing factors must be the lack of political clout within the funding organisations that the smaller companies have.

Theatre in education (TIE) is building faster than ever in the UK. Companies can be found all over the UK that explore a multitude of topics through theatre. More and more young people are getting involved and are seeing how exciting a medium theatre is. We need to continually reach for excellence and innovation, we must also be heard. The profile of TIE needs to be raised - keep it at the top of the agenda.

If you have any ideas on the above or would like to make contributions towards a regular TIE publication - then let us know.

Do you have any good refusal stories?

If you have been refused funding for reasons that you cannot fathom, or because you feel that your potential funder does not like you or is 'scared' of your work/art form then we want to hear about it.

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